This is the work of a mature artist. It has the consistency of fertile soil and the quality of clean, fresh air. While some haiku poets are too quick to fashion a book, Anne Elise Burgevin’s timing seems perfect. Every poem in Frozen Earth is packed with commitment to a flourishing earth and a better humanity.

John Stevenson

Managing Editor, The Heron’s Nest



‘Frozen Earth’ has haiku clarity in abundance. With a consistently accessible voice Anne Burgevin deftly writes about a wide range of life experiences and inspirations of the heart. Poet Mary Oliver, in her poem, The Summer Day, asks: ” what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Anne’s haiku are part of a life devoted to nature, the environment and living with reverence, all brilliant answers to Mary’s question. The spirit of Frozen Earth illuminates the extraordinary beauty in the ordinary. These are haiku from a poet very much in love with life.


                                                                                                                        Tom Clausen



The poems in frozen earth bring us to our senses, to the sights, sounds, aromas, hues, and textures that transform momentary awareness into opportunity for insight and significance. All around her, haiku are waiting to be written. She begins with the stroke of a pen to shape the letters, the words, the phrases. She creates the imagery, layers it with her keen sensibility for the art of juxtaposition, and somewhere between inspiration and introspection, her haiku are born. In a world that is wild and untended, Anne Elise Burgevin calls us to wonder, and to nurture hope for the earth we stand on and the air we breathe. 


Francine Banwarth

Editor, Frogpond  2012–2015

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